Cemetery Devotions in our Parish

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A new Cross was erected in St James’ Cemetery during the week, it will be blessed and dedicated during cemetery devotions next Sunday at 3pm.
The gate collection will assist with the cost.
A gentle reminder to take away unwanted flowers, wreaths or pots from the cemetery and not to dump in the cemetery grounds.
If a neighbouring plot is unattended for some time or has no one to look after it, it would be a kind act to tidy it in preparation for cemetery day.
If you have a bench near your family grave, it would be appreciated if you place it on your own plot and ensure it is
not placed on a neighbouring plot which belongs to someone else or is vacant at present.
The times are given below, please notify any family members who live away from the parish of these details.

Rathmore – Sunday 23rd 3pm
Athboy – Sunday 30th June 3pm, Old St James’ 2pm.
Hill of Ward – Fri 28th June 7.30pm
Abbey Rathmore – Sat 10th Aug 7.30pm.