Eucharist – Receiving Holy Communion for the First Time


Your child in Second Class will have the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance and Holy Communion in 2024.   The decision to celebrate these sacraments with your child, is for you to make now.  If you wish your child to celebrate the sacraments, he/she must be baptised and you are invited to attend on the following dates:

    • Wednesday 20th September, 8pmRegistration Meeting in Athboy Church for parents of children in Second Class in the Athboy, Rathcairn & Rathmore.
    • The meeting is for parents only.

    A “Do This in Memory” candle will be available for purchase for €5 after the meeting.

  • Saturday 30th Sept / Sunday 1st October – children and parents are invited, to an Enrolment Ceremony at any weekend Mass in Athboy, Rathcairn & Rathmore (6.15pm & 11.30am Athboy, 9am Rathmore, 10.15am Rathcairn) 

Please return the  Enrolment Form at this meeting.  If this form is not returned on Wednesday 20th September, it will be assumed that you are not presenting your child for the sacraments.

Do this in Memory – dates for 2023-24

Enrolment Saturday/Sunday 30th Sept/1st October

Saturday & Sunday 11/112th November

Saturday & Sunday 9/1 0th December

Saturday & Sunday 13/14th January

Saturday & Sunday 24/25th February

Sacrament of Penance 5/6th March

Saturday & Sunday 20th/21st April


Holy Communion for the First Time 2024

Athboy 10am: Saturday 11th May

Rathmore 9am: Sunday 12th May

Rathcairn 10.15am Sunday 12th May

Please bring Do This in Memory Candle to Mass

Candle will be lit at beginning of Mass, extinguished during Holy Communion and should be collected AFTER Mass along with a worksheet.