Our Parish

The parish of Athboy has three churches catering for the worshiping Catholic Community.

As a parish we welcome anyone who wishes to join us in any way for worship, for active involvement in our life and activities.

We strive to make our community a true Christian people, who try to live by the core values of the Gospel – love, compassion, support and acceptance.

Week beginning 5th August Mon 10am (Bank Holiday)
Tues & Thurs 7.30pm
Wed & Fri 9.30am
Sat 10am

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Fridays commencing after morning Mass and continuing throughout the day.
Week beginning 13th Aug Mon 8am
Tues 7.30pm, (Vigil)
Wed 11.30am, (Holy Day)
Thur 7.30pm,
Fri 9.30am.
Sat 10am
Week beginning 20th Aug Mon 8am,
Tues & Thurs 7.30pm,
Wed & Fri 9.30am,
Sat 10am.

St. James’ Church, Athboy

Saturday Vigil 6:15pm
Sunday 11.30am
Confessions (Saturday) 2.00pm - 3.00pm
Baptisms (Sunday) 12:30pm
Baptismal meeting once a month.

Church of St. Lawrence, Rathmore

Sunday 9:00am
(or at 2pm if a funeral Mass)

St. Patrick’s Church, Rathcairn

Sunday 10:15am
(or at 2pm if a funeral Mass)