This is a special year in the life of your child in 6th Class as the opportunity arises for him/her to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in February 2023.  Fr Padraig will be working with the teachers and children in 6th Class in our parish schools in Athboy, Rathcairn and Rathmore, as they prepare for Confirmation.  If your child is to receive the sacrament, he/she must be baptised.  You are invited to attend the following:

    • Meeting in Athboy Church at 8pm on Tuesday 19th September. This meeting is for parents only.
    • On Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th September – children and their parents are invited, to an Enrolment Ceremony at any one of the weekend Masses in Athboy, Rathcairn & Rathmore (6.15pm & 11.30am Athboy, 9am Rathmore, 10.15am Rathcairn)

Bishop Deenihan will administer the sacrament on Thursday 8th February at 3pm in Athboy Church.

Ceremony of Light for the Confirmation candidates and their parents on Wednesday 31st January at 7.30pm.