Earthquake Appeal

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This weekend there is an opportunity to donate to victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey & Northern Syria.  Aid to the Church in Need, a Catholic charity which assists communities in need all over the world with material and practical help, is working in one of the worst affected areas including Aleppo, Syria.  Any donation you give will go directly to victims of the earthquake.

Further info on Aid to the Church in Need see


ACN has been in contact with our project partners in northern Syria in cities such as Aleppo. One of our partners, Carla Audo, with the Christian Hope Centre told ACN about the terror experienced during the earthquake:

“It took only seconds for people to rush into the streets, under the pouring rain and in the freezing cold weather. And it was even before the second earthquake, when the sound of the bells of many churches have broken the silent suffering of the people, comforting them and announcing opening their doors to the faithful to find refuge and a shelter the churches’ hall.

Paralyzed with fear, and shivering from the bitter winter weather, hundreds of people flocked to these church shelters with nothing more than the clothes they had on. And hours went by and aftershocks kept on hitting strong slowly the hope of returning to their normal life has vanished.”

ACN has released €500,000 in emergency aid to respond to the situation in Syria and is in continuous contact with our partners. We are helping to provide emergency aid of blankets, food and other essentials for people forced out of their homes in Aleppo and Lattakia. We are also supporting major repair works in Aleppo.