Pope Francis on the Holy Spirit

Many Christians have their hearts like a road, and they don’t know who’s coming and who’s going, what’s coming and what’s going. Because they don’t know how to examine what’s going on in their interior. That’s why I recommend that every day, you take a time before going to bed, or at midday — whenever you want — and you ask yourself, “What has happened today in my heart? What did I want to do, to think? What spirit has moved in my heart? The Spirit of God, the Gift of God, the Holy Spirit that always leads me to an encounter with the Lord, or the spirit of the world that smoothly, slowly separates me from the Lord? It’s a slow, slow, slow sliding away ….

Pope Francis 2020

give me wisdom and the courage of my convictions,
as I make life decisions today and every day.
Some may be simple, others complex,
but all require honesty and quiet reflection.
I pray that, with your help and guidance,
my heart will be open to God’s will
in whatever choices I am asked to make.