A Christmas Prayer

My God, you have mercifully and patiently led me through this busy year,

giving more than I asked or deserved,

grant me at this Christmas time, the grace of Jesus Christ.

Let the gracious spirit of Jesus

-the spirit of the little child as it knocks at hearts of men-

Enter my life and bless it.

Let duty become touched with beauty,

and justice be forgotten in love.

At other times I ask that I may do my duty;

today I ask that I may walk uprightly,

today I ask that I bow to others’ needs.

Let my ears hear the cry of the needy

and my heart feel the love of the unlovely.

Give my hands strength not to do great things;

but to do small things graciously.

Let me accept kindness with humility.

Heal the wound of misunderstanding,

of jealousy or regret that scars my heart

and let the gentler air of the dear Christmas spirit touch my life

as the cold winter is touched by the gentler days of spring.

As the old year ends, and the new year begins,

grant me peace in my own heart;

That those I love, and those I may help, may have sweet joy and rest. Amen