A Refection for the Feast of the Epiphany

The story of the journey of the magi searching for Jesus is an opportunity for us to reflect on our own faith journey. As the magi were guided by a star on their journey, we also have received guidance along the way. We can use this day to recall with gratitude what stars we have followed. Who were the people whose example and advice helped us along the way? Who were our companions on the journey? Perhaps we had experiences that changed us and opened us up to a deeper understanding of the value of Faith. We might even be able to say that there was a time in our lives when, like the magi,we found Jesus. Yet, is it not also true that this discovery is never complete? There is always more we can learn about Jesus. We find him again and again each day. Perhaps there have been times when we have lost our sense of direction in life – we lost sight of the guiding star. The magi lost sight of the star, then found it again and were “filled with delight” as the star led them to Jesus. Bring to mind the benefits you have experienced from having the Spirit of Jesus as part of your life, and give thanks.