A Thought for the Feast of the Holy Family

The Church asks us to remember this family in a special manner on the first Sunday after Christmas, the Feast of the Holy Family. Mary and Joseph cooperated with God’s plan for the world. They were invited and they said ‘yes’ to playing their part in the birth and rearing of Jesus, the Son of God. We often think of Jesus as divine and a wondrous miracle worker. This is true, but it is important to remember that he was also human – a baby and then a boy. Like other children, he had to learn to walk, to sleep through the night, to share his toys, to say his prayers, to make up his mind and to forgive others. He learned these things, and more besides, from Mary and Joseph. We celebrate and honour the Holy Family because they give us an example of how to respond to God’s love and how to share that love with one another.  Grow in Love