Pope Francis Reflection for All Souls Day

“Today is a day of memory that takes us back to our roots. It is also a day of hope. It reminds us of what we can expect: the hope of encountering the love of the Father.”   The Pope’s reflection focused on three themes: memory, hope, and lights that help us along the road of life. “There is a path we need to follow, and we cannot take the wrong path,” he said. “The Beatitudes, which Jesus taught us, show us the right road to take.  To be pure in heart, poor in Spirit – these are the lights that help us not to take the wrong road. ….  May we never lose our memories as a family, a people. May we never lose hope, always contemplating the horizon, always looking ahead.  May God grant us the grace to recognize the lights that accompany us to where He awaits us with so much love.”