Prayer to be a Better Listener

We don’t really listen to each other, God.
At least not all of the time.
Instead of true dialogue, we carry on
two parallel monologues.
I talk.
My companion talks.
But what we’re really concentrating on is
how to sound good
how to make our points strongly
how to outshine the person we’re talking with.
Teach us to listen as Your Son listened
to everyone who spoke with Him.
Remind us that, somehow, You are trying
to reach us through our friend
in conversation.
Your truth, Your love, Your goodness are
seeking us out in the truth, love and goodness
being communicated.
When our words are harsh, hostile, angry
we convey the very opposite of those qualities.
Teach us to be still, Lord
that we may truly hear our brothers and sisters-
and, in them, You.