St James’ Prayer

James, man of prayer,

pray that we may listen and respond to God’s call in our lives.

James, holy apostle,

Pray that we may be disciples of Jesus in word and action.

James, devoted friend of Jesus,

Pray that we may be strong in our devotion to one another.

James, the fisherman, patron of labourers,

Pray for us in our labours and help those seeking employment

James, witness of the transfiguration of Jesus,

Pray that we may see the glory of God revealed in our lives.

James, compassionate teacher,

Pray that we may serve on another in love.

James, faithful to God’s call

Pray for us in our efforts to live our Catholic faith.

James, comfort of the troubled,

Pray for those who are suffering.

Blessed James, may you inner spirit of peace, good work, discipleship and prayer always be an inspiration to us.

Holy Apostle, walk with us on our journey of faith. May your prayers obtain for us the wisdom to discern God’s call and the strength to endure, so that we may grow in holiness and rejoice in communion with all the saints. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen


St James’ feast day – Sunday July 25th – Patron saint of our parish