St Patrick

St Patrick was born in the early years of the fifth century. He was taken captive at the age of sixteen and brought to Ireland where he was sold as a slave. He tended herds on Slemish Mountain for six years. His captivity had a very positive effect on his spiritual life. He prayed many times each day, his faith growing stronger and his love and reverence for God increasing. He escaped back home at the age of twenty-two. It was obvious to him that God was calling him to return to convert the Irish. He studied in France, returned to Ireland as a bishop c 457-61, or as early as 432 according to another tradition. His mission was not immediately greatly successful but eventually he would make a tremendous number of converts. Two writings survive; the Letter to Coroticus, a protest to the soldiers of a British prince who had killed some converts and sold others as slaves, and his Confession, written near the end of his life, showing him as one living by the faith he preached and allowing Christ to direct his whole life.

May Christ be with us
May Christ be before us
May Christ be in us
Christ be over all.