The Priest

The Priest…… matter where he is located, the priest has to be the sharer of secrets,
the carrier of burdens, the fountain of consolation,
and the pillar of strength.
Solitary, he is called father by thousands;
poor, he enriches the lives of thousands;
weak,he gives strength to thousands;
unimportant he does things each day whose importance cannot be told in any tongue on earth.
He is never too busy to hear another’s sorrows;
often too busy to realize his own burdens.
He is a 24-hour-a-day man.
He is called from his dinner;
wakened from his sleep;
disturbed at his prayers.
He is at the beck and call of any of his people.
He is the target of God’s enemies;
the magnet of God’s needy.
Occasionally, he attracts attention;
but usually he works unnoticed and unacclaimed
while he does the noblest work on earth –
keeping Christ in the lives of the people.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations                   Sunday 22nd April 2018