All Notices for Cemetery Devotions

Cemetery Devotions

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Rathmore Cemetery Sunday 18th June 3pm

Hill of Ward Cemetery Saturday 24th June 7.30pm

Athboy Cemetery Sunday 25th June 3pm Old St James’ 2pm

A gentle reminder to remove unwanted wreaths or flowers etc and dispose of them at home.

Please avoid dumping in any of the cemeteries or behind the church in Rathmore.

Cemetery Devotions

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 will take place in:

Rathmore, 3pm Sunday 19th June

Hill of Ward, 7.30pm Saturday 25th June

Athboy, 3pm Sunday 26th June

Rathmore Abbey, 7.30pm, Wednesday 10th August.

A reminder to please take home withered flowers, wreaths and other waste material from your family plot.

Please refrain from dumping in the grounds or neighbouring grounds of…

Cemetery Devotions

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Cemetery Devotions take place in June:

on Sunday 17th June in Rathmore at 3pm

on Sunday 24th June in Athboy at 3pm, Old St James’ at 2pm

on Friday 22nd June on the Hill of Ward at 7.30pm.

Devotions in the Abbey in Rathmore on Friday August 10th at 7.30pm.