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You are invited to a meeting in Athboy Church on 15th March after 7.30pm Mass. The purpose of the meeting is to hear your views on the following:

What is your experience of belonging to the Church?

How can our Church be a welcoming and inclusive community?

How can new opportunities be found to enable people to become more active in our parish?

What inspires you in the life of your parish to bring the love of Christ into the world?

How can we find new ways to reach out to everyone, especially people who do not practise faith or feel distant from parish life?

The Synod has been called by Pope Francis in order to listen to the living voice of the entire People of God. Everyone has their own experience of following Christ, parents, parents with young families, grandparents, young people who are working, in school or college, those married or single.

Whether you feel distant from or close to what is happening in your parish, you are invited to join in discussion and prayer to discern where the Holy Spirit is leading the Church.  This will be happening in every parish in the world. The parishes in Trim Deanery which includes Athboy, are planning gatherings during March, one will take place in Athboy Church on Tuesday 15th March after 7.30pm Mass.  All are welcome.

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Bishop Deenihan has issued a Lenten letter on the Synodal Pathway

Lenten Letter re Synod